Crohn’s often pops up in the news these days, which is great for highlighting the disease.

More and more celebrities are being open about living with the disease and the side effects of the medication, which is not easy given the common misconceptions attached to Crohn’s.

I was diagnosed almost 6 years ago and have written several posts about it here. I try to be as open about it as possible, there is no point in writing about it and not being honest.

With that in mind here is a list of things Crohn’s sufferers (or me, at least) wish you knew:

1. Crohn’s is not IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

No, it is an IBD inflammatory bowel disease. Don’t get me wrong IBS can be debilitating (I was misdiagnosed as having IBS for many, many years) but they are two very different things

2. No two Crohn’s patients are the same.

It affects us all differently. Some may suffer less or more than others

3. Some medications work for some and not others.

The disease is not one size fits all

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