5 Steps To Dealing With Narcissists In Difficult Situations

Trying to deal with a narcissist, challenges every fiber of your Being.

If you’ve tried to manage a narcissist in a difficult situation, you know you’re triggered beyond the point of ridiculous – struggling to be heard and unable to create sense out of the madness.

All whilst the narcissist dances around you tearing up your efforts, emotions, and sanity.

By this stage, you’ve tragically discovered the normal rules of human engagement don’t apply – rather it’s all about the narcissist doing whatever is necessary for them to get their own way.

So how CAN you deal with someone who has NO INTENTION of complying, playing team or doing the right thing?

If you are currently in a relationship that you can’t leave, or joint custody and settlements battles, or ongoing work relationships, or if you have a family member who you can’t go no contact with, you will be placed into certain situations that will trigger your deepest fears.

You will feel minimalised, abused, set upon and soooo helpless and powerless to defend yourself, the people you love and your assets against the narcissist’s onslaughts.

Oh gosh, I HEAR you!

Initially, I went through this horrifically myself – being defeated on every front, helplessly watching my life being torn down no matter how hard I tried to stop it happening!

And I’ve seen what narcissists have done, in this deadly dynamic, to countless other people in this community as well.

Until they, like myself, learned how to turn this entire thing around.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have up and close experiences, personally and with so many other narcissistic abuse cases to know how to distil the REAL solutions into the following 5 steps which I am incredibly excited to share with you in this new Thriver TV episode.

In today’s video, you will learn how to become a formidable force with the power of emotional resonance, intention and action combined, against any abuser, no matter how malicious, conniving and slippery they may be.

If you have been TOTALLY bamboozled by any narcissist in your life and feel like you have no ways or means to overcome or possibly even survive what they are doing to you, I know this episode will help immensely.


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