6 Simple Ways to Explain Crohn’s Disease to Others

“It’s best if I know where the nearest bathroom is.”

“For someone in the midst of a flare, it might not be practical to go to a place without easy access to the bathrooms,” says Behm. When the urge to go hits, you don’t have much time. As isolating as it might feel, remember there are many people who need speedy access to a bathroom for various reasons — pregnancy, potty training a toddler, or incontinence, for instance.

Behm advises these strategies when family members encourage you to join them for outings:

  • Check out the area in advance. Have a basic idea about restroom availability at any event you attend. Quietly ask someone on staff where they are if you can’t find them on your own.
  • Pack spare clothing and wipes. You’ll need them in case of an accident.
  • Be upfront and brief. Most people won’t want all the details — it’s enough to let them know your Crohn’s symptoms are acting up and you might need quick access to a bathroom.

“I may be too tired to get together sometimes, but it isn’t personal.”

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