9 ADHD Symptoms That Can Look Different in Girls

People once thought of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder as a problem for little boys. Today, however, experts agree that girls are just as likely as boys to have ADHD, and that girls tend to display different ADHD symptoms that may be less noticeable to parents and teachers.

Not as hyperactive

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that one of the classic symptoms of ADHD is trouble sitting still—check out these signs of ADHD in toddlers. But compared with boys, girls are less likely to have trouble with hyperactivity, according to Understood.org expert Mark Griffin, PhD. They’re not as likely to be fidgeting or moving their bodies all the time.

Less impulsive

Girls are also less likely than boys to struggle with impulse control, says Griffin—although, if you need help getting your child to manage impulse control, here’s some advice. Girls are less likely to get in trouble for doing impulsive things, like grabbing and taking things without asking.

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