Autism moms are warriors. It’s true. Raising a child with autism is overwhelming, to say the least, and it’s impossible to predict how each day will unfold. Even the slightest change in routine can set your little one off, leaving you feeling as though you’re constantly walking on egg shells in an attempt to keep the peace, which is exhausting.

And lonely.

Sometimes it feels as though no one in the entire world understands what you and your family experience on a daily basis, and other times you feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who go out of their way to help you.

The days are long, and since autism and sleep disorders tend to go hand-in-hand, the nights can feel like an absolute eternity for parents of autistic children.

And unlike your friends with ‘neurotypical’ children, leaving this kids with grandma and grandad for a weekend so you can catch a break and enjoy a little R&R with your significant other just doesn’t seem possible – or fair – when you have a child with special needs, and it often feels like each time you (finally) find your footing and get a chance to catch your breath, life throws another hurdle your way.

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