9 things narcissists will never tell you about themselves

Everyone knows a narcissist. They could be in your neighbourhood, your workplace, or even your family. But there’s more to these toxic individuals than just a sense of superiority and lack of empathy – you may be surprised to learn the root of their personality flaws lies in their innate insecurity.

In his Narcissism Decoded blog on PsychCentral, relationship and family therapist Dr Dan Neuharth has revealed some about narcissists that they’d never admit out loud, and it’ll make you understand them much better. Here are nine things a narcissist thinks, but would never tell you.

1. “The truth is whatever I say in the moment.” – Narcissists make their own reality, and that reality is, “I am right and you are wrong”. They have the uncanny ability to convince people they’re right (even when they’re not) because they portray an air of complete certainty.

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