Asperger’s isn’t what you think it is, the reality is far different


We need to talk about Sherlock

Sherlock’s finished, and mercifully so. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the earlier seasons, with Holmes and Watson gallivanting around London solving mysteries, but the whole thing just got… well, it got a bit pompous. It gave itself a soapy element with the Watson/Mary storyline, and let itself collapse under its weight in the last season as complexities piled upon complexities, turning the whole show into an exercise in sensory overload.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a TV review, nor is it a rant about Gatiss and Moffat. Instead, it’s a commentary on the reality of living (and thriving) with Aspergers, and on how the shows which shape the common perception of the condition. Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory, etc, are both inaccurate and damaging.

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