Asperger’s Symptoms & 10 Natural Treatments

Asperger’s Syndrome is a neurobiological disorder that lies on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum. It is characterized by developmental delays in basic skills, such as the ability to socialize and communicate with others. (1) While there is no cure, there are many Asperger’s natural treatments that have proven to be effective. Asperger’s symptoms vary widely. They may be first noticed when a child starts preschool and begins to interact with other children. Although the condition tends to improve over time, Asperger’s symptoms in adults are still commonly seen. (2)

Asperger’s Symptoms

  • Impairment in the use of nonverbal behaviors such as eye gaze, facial expression, body posture and gestures in social interaction
  • Extreme difficulty developing age-appropriate peer relationships
  • Inflexible adherence to routines
  • Fascination with maps, globes and routes
  • Superior route memory
  • Preoccupation with a particular subject while excluding others
  • Difficulty judging personal space
  • Sensitivity to loud noises, clothing, food textures an odors
  • Difficulty understanding other people’s feelings
  • Extreme difficulty reading and interpreting social cues

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