Can a Narcissist fall in Love permanently? Is it Actually possible?

If you know a few narcissists, you might already know how they easily dump and cheat their partner without any empathy.

In fact, due to the lack of empathy, many narcissists tend to behave like players and leave their partners whenever he/she finds a new one.

Now, what if you know that your partner too is narcissistic and is promising that he/she won’t leave you forever? So, Is it actually possible? Can a narcissist fall in love permanently? Can they actually stick to partner forever?

Can a Narcissist Fall in love permanently?

The straight answer to this question is Yes..

In fact, you can make any person on the earth to fall in love permanently, as long as you meet specific criteria related to that person. Let me explain you more briefly.

We as human beings, subconsciously search for our potential partners all the time. And when we feel that a person has everything we are looking for.. and when that emotional bond starts developing, we fall in love with that person.

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