Here at Out-Thinking Parkinson’s, it is our mission to help not only People with Parkinson’s, but also the people who love and care for them and anyone who has their own lives indirectly touched by the disease.

One of the most valuable contributions we can make, we feel, is to express and describe the feelings and thoughts of what it is like to be a person affected by Parkinson’s. We hope this humanization of PD will help others in the same situation come to terms with living with the disease and bring new understandings for the wider community too.

In this post, I would like to share my own insights in to how to care for someone with Parkinson’s from the “insiders” point of view. Let me state clearly at the outset, for this is very important, here and throughout, I do not use the word “care” in the connotation of “carer” but in terms of the care of lovers, family and friends.

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