Living with Autonomic Neuropathy

As a result of a progressive polyneuropathy known as Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) I have lived with autonomic neuropathy symptoms for over 5 decades. There are a number of unavoidable issues when dealing with the symptoms of autonomic neuropathy many of which are covered in Dr. Norman Latov’s book Peripheral Neuropathy: When the Numbness, Weakness, and Pain Won’t Stop,

Autonomic neuropathy is a result of damage to the autonomic nerves which control your involutary body functions that keep you alive. These functions include the cardiac cycle (heart beat), pulmonary systems (breathing), bladder function, and digestion. It also affects the body’s ability to regulate temperature, tearing, sexual functions, blood pressure, saliva production, and swallowing among other body systems that function automatically.

In the process of dealing with autonomic neuropathy symptoms for more than half my life I have developed the most affective ways for me, personally to deal with some of the symptoms of autonomic neuropathy.

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Small Fiber Neuropathy Diagnosis and Treatment

Small fiber neuropathy (SFN) is a form of neuropathy which primarily affects the small nerve fibers of the peripheral nervous system. Small nerve fibers are responsible for carrying pain and temperature sensations.

Small nerve fibers are also responsible for regulating the functioning of sweat glands, heart, gastrointestinal organs, and blood vessels.

Small fiber neuropathy occurs due to the selective destruction of small myelinated A-delta or unmyelinated C fibers.Usually small nerve fiber results in the destruction of small nerve fibers; only rarely is the destruction of large nerve fibers observed.

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How bad can Peripheral Neuropathy get? The 7 Long term effects….

Peripheral neuropathy is one problem that can make you so worried..

While some try to cure their problem, most of them just ignore or manage the symptoms of the problem..

So is this right? How bad can peripheral neuropathy get in reality? What are the Long Term Effects of Peripheral Neuropathy and finally can a person die from this growing problem?

How bad can Peripheral Neuropathy get?

In order to know the complications or effects of peripheral neuropathy, you need to first know some deep things about this annoying problem.

Peripheral neuropathy is that one problem in which the nerves of the peripheral nervous system are damaged and destroyed.

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Plant Based Pain Relief for Neuropathy and Arthritis

This is about a blend of essential oils that can be helpful for pain relief, especially nerve pain like sciatica as well as arthritis pain. After receiving many testimonials (see end of post) that this blend helped with neuropathy pain specifically, I thought I’d share the good news! Let’s talk about the EOs in this CW Salve Blend that I’ve named, Nerve Pain & Block.

CW Helichrysum – this is an essential oil that outshines most when it comes to nerve pain. Use Helichrysum undiluted for immediate action upon injury, use it diluted if injury is hours old. Helichrysum can reduce swelling, slow bleeding, protect against free radicals (antioxidant), it’s hypotensive action improves the condition of blood vessels by reducing inflammation.

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