You just found out you’re pregnant, yay! congrats mama! But,now what?

Well you will automatically feel a thousand different emotions from shock, scared, happy, worried, anxious and excited. Then you will start doubting yourself on whether you can actually take on this big role of being a mom and even if you are ready for this big change in your life. It’s crazy how we want to get pregnant so bad and the minute we find out that we are, we second guess our ability to actually be a mom. I say, breathe and take it all in. Then scream and jump (not to high) of joy because girl, You are PREGNANT!

When you saw that positive pregnancy test, did you automatically look at your stomach and say  “there’s a baby in there”? I totally did, for my first and second pregnancy. I just couldn’t believe it, well let’s be honest here, with my first pregnancy I was scared shitless because I was 20 years old and still living with my parents. It was definitely not planned, but with my second pregnancy, my hubby and I did plan on having a second baby. So I was ecstatic to see that “positive” sign on it. Either way I was so happy with both of my pregnancies. By the way, did you experience early pregnancy symptoms prior to taking a pregnancy test?

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What to Deduct From Your Taxes When You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant and having a baby is expensive — between medical bills, supplies and, you know, actually raising a human being, costs really add up. But hold onto those receipts, because a lot of the necessities you’re spending on are tax-deductible. (Although the rules below will be subject to change with the new tax bill coming into effect next year, they’re still applicable for 2017 tax returns.)

What’s tax-deductible & what’s not

The Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction for medical expenses — including preggo expenses — for taxpayers who itemize on a Schedule A.

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