Does Karma Pay Back The Narcissist?

We have all heard of the word ‘Karma’.

Most people know the expression ‘Karma’ as meaning what goes around comes around.

But what really does ‘What goes around, comes around’ mean – especially when we see ‘bad’ people in the world that don’t seem to be receiving their just deserts?

Like narcissists…

How will Karma have it’s retribution on them?

There are often two main ways that Karma is viewed. One is that bad deeds are punishable by an external force (such as God), and the other is that Karma occurs a result of the natural effects of causation.

I definitely veer much more towards the second ideology, yet I believe it goes to a much deeper level than simply about ‘what a person does creates the payback reality’.

In today’s article I want to explain my beliefs about Karma and how it relates to narcissists and those affected by narcissistic abuse.

I hope to answer the questions “Why did I karmically deserve to be narcissistically abused?”


“What karmic payback will the narcissist receive for what they have done?”

My views on Karma, is about taking ‘what we create’ responsibility.

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