Experts May Have Finally Found The Cause Of Crohn’s Disease

Research has previously identified that E. coli bacteria contribute to Crohn’s symptoms, but this is the first study to show the bacteria Serratia marcescens and the fungus Candida tropicalis are also involved.

“Crohn’s disease has other factors that impact it: Number one is genetics and number two is environmental factors, such as what people eat,” Ghannoum told HuffPost.

This study is distinct because it compared patients with Crohn’s disease to both healthy strangers and to their own family members who did not have Crohn’s. This is important because family members share genes, household environments and food, and researchers were able to further isolate what distinguishes the microbiomes of those with Crohn’s from those around them.

“This cuts a lot of the noise,” Ghannoume said.

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