Girl, 16, with Asperger’s is left with horrific facial injuries ‘after a female teenage thug punched, kicked and stamped on her in the street’

An autistic 16-year-old girl suffered horrific facial injuries and was left in a gutter to die after an unprovoked attack.

Emily O’Reilly had been walking to a friend’s house in Walsall on Monday evening when she was pulled to the ground.

She was then repeatedly punched, kicked and had her face stamped on by the attacker who stole her iPhone and bracelet.

The health and social care student then passed out and was left lying in the gutter for several minutes before she regained consciousness and staggering to a pub for help.

She was then taken to hospital where she required treatment to a fractured nose and cheek and stitches for a wound under her eye.

Emily, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s aged six, has been left permanently disfigured as a result of the vicious robbery and unable to open her right eye.

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