Due to the fluctuating unpredictability of MG, help may be needed at different times and in different forms. Some days I can conquer all the tasks I need to, while other days I have to ask my husband to dry my hair after showering.

I like to think of support as ‘scaffolding around a structure’, meaning the person you are helping is not incapable of doing anything forever, they just need specific assistance at this moment.

A great example is how my Mom helps when she visits. I put the kettle on and prepare the tea, but she will offer to carry the tray of cups through to the lounge.

Remember to ‘load share’. You don’t have to take everything on, but offer assistance in the area you know you can make a difference. For example, my friend Lani is a great prayer support, and my sister-in-law has immense knowledge concerning my rights in the work place.

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