The Assessment and Diagnosis of Adult Female Asperger Syndrome/High-Functioning Autism

The Assessment and Diagnosis of Adult Females on the Spectrum

Pathways to a diagnosis for an adult

The most common pathways to diagnosis include:1. After the diagnosis of a family member, usually a child

  1. The client already has one or more children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition
  2. The client had been encouraged by their work or education environment, their parents or their partner to get an assessment
  3. The client initiated professional help for depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, bi-polar disorder, schizophenia and subsequently received a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger Syndrome
  4. The client had been reading about “male” Asperger Syndrome, did not identify with the male-biased information, and then came across information about female autism or female asperger syndrome, and then identify with many of the characteristics
  5. The client has been mandated for assessment
  6. The client has been either identified as or charged with stalking, obsessions over people
  7. The client has become in trouble with the law in relation to cybercrime and cyberstalking

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